3300 Command Series Corn Heads


Take Command of Your Harvest

The Command™ Series corn head is a totally new AGCO® designed and built header that delivers increased capacity, faster harvesting rates and exceptional performance in downed corn with reduced header loss relative to both cobs and overall corn loss at the header itself. Take command of your harvest with the new 3300 Command Series corn heads from Gleaner. 

Key Features

Rows 8-Row or 12-Row
Row Spacing in (mm) 30 (762)
Chopping Capability Chopping or Non-Chopping
Auger Diameter in (mm) 20 (508)
Auger Pitch in (mm) 30 (762)


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Low-Density Polyethylene Construction

Low-density polyethylene construction of snouts and gatherers absorbs shock from ears, reducing number of bouncing ears and amount of butt shelling - the corn harvested makes it into the combine rather than getting left behind. Each snout is equipped with reflective markers to improve visibility to snouts in low light situations.

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Fore-Aft Header Tilt

Heads are equipped with hydraulic header fore-aft pitch capability, adjustable on-the-go from the cab. This allows the operator to "match" the header-feeding angle to the combine height for optimized feeding and exceptional downed corn performance. A hydraulic accumulator provides protection for the combine and header when running the header on the ground.

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Optional Chopping Feature

Available in chopping or non-chopping models, the header allows you to operate in almost any field regardless of residue management preferences. The chopping heads allow the operator to engage or disengage chopping capabilities at each row unit with an easy-to-use lever.

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Auger Size and Flighting Pitch

The large 20" diameter auger reaches over the gatherer and row unit for maximum capacity and efficient feeding in any condition. Also, the auger flighting pitch has increased while the auger speed has decreased. This allows the auger to gently convey more crop, leading to reduced header loss while retaining maximum capacity.

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Optimized Stalk Rolls

Stalk rolls have point-to-point contact for improved feeding and greater performance. Additionally, the point-to-point design of the rolls ensures the stalk is pulled through without the side-to-side vibration associated with an interlocking roll design. This smoother operation leads to reduced header loss levels.

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Plug and Play

3300 corn headers are prewired for additional accessories such as the Headsight auto header height sensors, and Reichhardt row guidance packages. Adding either of these additional kits will greatly enhance the ease of use for the corn header by helping the operator control the header or combine while running through the field. Prewiring the header means installation of these kits is simply plug and play when utilizing the header on a Gleaner S9 combine.