Auto-Guide™ 3000

Auto-Guide™ 3000


Satellite–assisted Steering

Gleaner now offers the optional Auto-Guide 3000, a lower cost guidance system featuring a 72-channel navigation satellite receiver and a new TopDock (with snap-in modules for upgrades) that comes from the factory set up for WAAS and OmniStar VBS signal. The system integrates Auto-Guide 3000 control into the C2100 terminal and eliminates the need for a separate screen in the cab.

Key benefits of Guidance:

  • Better input placement from pass to pass: sub-meter to centimeter accuracy for input placement to minimize overlap and skips
  • Better visibility: Work under foggy and dusty conditions, day or night, while maintaining the same accuracy
  • Reduced owner and operator fatigue with automated steering
  • Perform multiple jobs in the cab: implement monitoring, calls, operation management, etc.
  • Complete the job faster with increased working speed, while maintaining precision
  • Reduce inputs such as fuel, labor, chemical, seed, etc.
  • Less cab clutter with integrated hardware
  • Reduce equipment wear
  • Utilize time-savings to invest in other business activities
  • Fast and quality support through the AGCO Dealer network

Learn more about the Auto-Guide™ 3000 Guidance System on the Fuse® Technologies website.

Key Features

Improve accuracy of applications
Reduce inputs such as chemical over-application
Eliminate overlaps and underlaps
Improve weed control
Improve seed/plant establishment
Reduce compaction with fewer tracks