Gleaner S9 Series Combine

Farm Equipment GPS System

Gleaner offers the optional Auto-Guide™ guidance system, featuring a NovAtel satellite receiver that comes from the factory set up for WAAS. The system integrates Auto- Guide™ control into the Tyton™ terminal and eliminates the need for a separate screen in the cab. In addition, with the Auto-Guide™ system, you can simply upgrade your correction system accuracy by contacting your Gleaner dealer for an unlock code.

Guidance systems help you save time and money by enabling you to work faster and work smarter – improving your bottom line.

  • Better input placement from pass to pass: sub-meter to centimeter accuracy for input placement to minimize overlap and skips
  • Better visibility: Work under foggy and dusty conditions, day or night, while maintaining the same accuracy
  • Reduced owner and operator fatigue with automated steering
  • Perform multiple jobs in the cab: implement monitoring, calls, operation management, etc.
  • Complete the job faster with increased working speed, while maintaining precision
  • Reduce inputs such as fuel, labor, chemical, seed, etc.
  • Less cab clutter with integrated hardware
  • Reduce equipment wear
  • Utilize time-savings to invest in other business activities
  • Fast and quality support through the AGCO Dealer network

Subject to brand and regional availability. Contact your local dealer for more information.

Key Features

Choice of preferred receiver, AGCO Trimble or AGCO NovAtel
Choice of accuracy level
Choice of correction signal source
New touchscreen and user interface
Simple upgrade using unlock code