FieldStar® Live

FieldStar® Live


Yield Monitoring for Gleaner Combines

Gleaner S9 Series combines come standard with integrated FieldStar® Live yield-monitoring systems. FieldStar® Live uses yield and moisture sensors, global positioning and the Tyton™ terminal to track yield data.

FieldStar® Live includes AGCO yield sensor, AGCO moisture sensor and live mapping on the Tyton™ terminal. Combine it with the Ag Leader® technology, which includes the Ag Leader® sensor and Ag Leader® moisture sensor, with all yield and moisture data displayed on the Tyton™ terminal.

Subject to brand and regional availability. Contact your local dealer for more information.

Key Features

Enhanced visibility into your yield
Streamlined operation on Tyton™ terminal
Live mapping data through TYTON™ terminal
Data logging and documentation
Compatible with TaskDoc®
Compatible with AgCommand®