Task Data Transfer

Our task management and record keeping solutions provide complete field documentation systems for growers, offering wireless communication (Bluetooth or cellular GPRS) that enables data exchange with supported 3rd party Farm Management Information System (FMIS) software.

TaskDoc® provides a quick, secure and reliable transfer of data between the machine and the office. Other benefits include:

  • Accurate documentation of field jobs through machine data recording
  • Ability to compare machines/drivers
  • Automatically record machine data
  • Ability to further improve efficiency with more training for special drivers
  • ISOXML data allows usage with many Farm Management Info Systems
  • Easy management: plan field jobs comfortably in your office
  • Export/import via open data standard ISOXML
  • Easy data transfer wirelessly from PC to machine and back

Product features are subject to brand and regional availability. Contact your local dealer for more information.

Key Features

Accurate documentation of field jobs
Compare machines and drivers
Plan field jobs from your office
Open data standards
Easy data transfer between PC and machines