New styling package includes Carbide Grey Graphics. The All-New Gleaner S88. The World’s First Class 8 Transverse Combine for a World that needs it. The All-New Gleaner S88. Driving more power to the processor for Optimum Harvesting Performance. The All-New Gleaner S8 Series. New Engine; New Power; Greater Productivity. The All-New Gleaner S78. Click here for Gleaner Merchandise AGCO Plus - New Commercial Credit Program from AGCO Gleaner S7 Series Combines Combines - Gravity-Independent Cleaning on Hillsides up to 23% Slope Gleaner S7 Series Combines - Cleaner grain and lower loss from a design like no other Gleaner S7 Series Combines - Gentle on beans even in tough conditions Gleaner S7 Series Combines Combines - Higher capacity in the right size Gleaner S7 Series Combines - Lightweight design. Heavyweight performance Gleaner Super Series Field Test Drives Gleaner S7 Series delivers the lowest fuel use Gleaner S7 and DynaFlex Headers - The Best Team in Beans Gleaner S77 Unloads 390 bushels in 98 seconds